Questions in Politics

T h e  J ou r n al  o f  t h e  G e o r g i a  P ol i t i c al  S c i e n c e  A s s oc i at i on 

General Editorial Policies

1.    The Editors-in-Chief review all manuscripts before sending them for review.  If the Editors determine that a manuscript is a likely candidate for publication, one reviewer may be used.  If the Editors have more serious concerns about the quality of a manuscript, two reviewers may be used.

2.    The Editors-in-Chief of QiP shall provide two possible ratings of manuscripts submitted to the journal. They shall be either:

  1. Reject the manuscript for publication.  It fails to meet one or more of the criteria for publication in QiP.  Its problems are fundamental, and its overall quality does not warrant further consideration.
  2. Invite the author(s) to Revise and Resubmit the manuscript.  There are problems with the manuscript, but they can be mended.  There is merit in the submission; it needs reworking in areas that reviewers will identify.

3.    Beyond the changes required by manuscript reviewers, the Editors-in-Chief reserve the right to ask for additional substantive changes to a manuscript before publication.  The Editors have final decision on all manuscripts.

4.    No article published in QiP may be published in another journal without substantial changes in form, content, and perspective.